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The Oscars made better by TwitterFon

Twitter Fon

The Oscars broadcast was much more fun with TwitterFon, a new app I added just this past week. This app makes Twitter so much more accessible! And the Oscars were better with comments on Twitter, even though I still have a small group I’m following on Twitter. Here’s the Oscar commentary from my Twitter friends…

  • Two things I hate: musicals and awards show. AWESOME NIGHT!
  • Sarah Jessica Parks looks mighty uncomfortable in that dress! (I still haven’t seen it…but want to)
  • Final Oscar pool number: 13 right, 11 wrong. No loot for me!

My thoughts on Twitter and New Products

  • Think of the potential of a good comment from a twitter maven – one with thousands of followers.
  • What kind of a twitter events could launch a product? Real feedback immediately… would you want it? Is your product ready? If your promise and product are good enough, think of the immediate awareness potential. That’s always been the case… but really good products could skyrocket… and bad ones will die a faster death.

Do your product and media plan well and watch it skyrocket!

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iPhone makes me a cool Mom


I’ve had an IPhone for less than a month and absolutely love it. Here are my reasons why and how it also has turned me into cool Mom…. hard to do when you have a 17 year old boy in your home.

Why I like it… It is jam-packed with useful apps (phone, contacts, email, ipod, GPS (saved me twice in Boston already), stock updates (a way to torture yourself lately).

Why I don’t like it… The keyboard is hard to learn.. my thumbs are too big. And then there is transferring contacts..even my IT guy didn’t have a solution. So after entering 836 contacts manually, I’m much better at the keyboard.

Why I’m cool… Shazam app. I showed my son the app and he promptly took my phone for 2 hours. With Shazam, your phone hears a song on the radio and gives you the artist name, song and immediate access to the iTunes store. Tonight’s approach to coolness is the Pandora app (iPhone radio) so I’m sure I’ll be cool again.

My newest app… Favorites (easy access to 16 pre-set favorite people).

I’m off to basking in the glow of being a cool mom for a few more moments….reality will hit soon enough!

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