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HBOO – I’m your consumer!

honeybunchoatsAs many of you know, I believe most businesses are driven by repeat. So I’m raising my hand to the product that our family repeats on the most – Honey Bunches of Oats by Post. We literally have 4-5 in the cupboard at all times. We have a nickname for it on the shopping list – HBOO. And I get a cold sweat when I see only one box in the cereal cupboard… it’s that key to our family’s breakfast habit.

But this blogpost is to put out a notice to Post…Do you notice me? I’m your loyalist! Let me know if you can spot me. Do you see me waving to you virturally? Why wouldn’t you want to know the family that pays your bonuses?

To my readers, I’ll let you know how long it takes Post to notice!

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Skittles – the bizarre experiment in twitter abuse


The mom in me just has to comment… Yesterday, if you posted a “tweet” with the word #skittles in it, you made an entry on the Skittles homepage. I did it… it worked… but my entry was mundane… most others were perverse or just bizarre (saying skittles 12 times in your entry).

Turning your page over to die-hard Twitter fans had two outcomes:

  • lots of Skittles talk yesterday by the tech crowd
  • lots of posts you wouldn’t want close to your brand

There are better uses for the twitter tool… like finding out what others are thinking. Does open have to be abusive?

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