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Comparison Shopping Days

How do the key holiday shopping days compare in 2012?  Here are the facts, showing the dominance of Black Friday weekend.  Even Black Friday online was almost as large as Cyber Monday!

Thanksgiving/Black Friday Weekend:
Total Sales:  $59.1 billion, +13% vs. last year
Top five categories (based on what shoppers said they bought): clothing, electronics, toys, movies/DVDs, and for the first time ever – footwear.
Fun fact: 22% of shoppers shopped on Thursday with the busiest times from 5-8pm.
Fun fact:  36% of shoppers used smartphones to help shop while in stores on Black Friday.
Online fun fact:  Spending online on Black Friday alone topped $1 billion for the first time (comScore, National Retail Federation.)

Small Business Saturday:
Total Sales:  U.S. supporters of local businesses spent $5.5 billion or 9% of total weekend sales.  Note:  this spending is only shoppers who were aware of Small Business Saturday and not how much was actually spent at small businesses on Nov. 24.
Fun fact:  Small Business Friday is in its third year.  My niece Ali Chapin leads the Social media effort for Small Business Saturday at Amex.
Fun fact:  American Express reported a 21% increase in card-member transactions on Small Business Saturday. (National Federation of Independent Business and American Express.)

Cyber Monday
Total Sales:  $1.46 billion spent online, +17% vs. last year.
Fun fact:  11/26/12 was the busiest day for online commerce in history.
Fun fact:  Online sales for all of November were $16.4 billion.
Not so fun fact:  Online shoppers loaded up on more items but spent less per visit on Cyber Monday.

This should be a strong holiday for retailers, based on one fact alone.  This is the longest shopping period between thanksgiving and Christmas that is possible.  In my days running seasonal businesses at Pillsbury, we counted these days carefully as the number of shopping days and weekends for parties directly impacted sales.

So here’s to a great holiday for all, not just our nation’s retailers!

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