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Are you feeling the need to get organized?  Recommitting to a new routine?

This seasonality wheel has been in my tool it, thanks to Dugan Valva Contess.  While it’s over ten years old, it continues to be relevant today.  (As Harry Balzer of NPD would say, things don’t change that fast!)  While we live in a world of minute-by-minute marketing, it’s crucial to know the overarching emotional and activity states of our culture throughout the year. The insights from this wheel have helped me answer the following questions:

  • For a consumer shipping business, how can we address a summer slowdown and continue to grow our business with the most loyal users?
  • How should we approach the holiday season on a daily basis?
  • When should we target events in the blood donation field?

Interestingly enough, my colleague and social media guru Robin Neifield (CEO of NetPlus) recently wrote on the same subject for ClickZ, thought she focused on the timing of social interactions.  She reminded us that “the biggest mistake you can make with a seasonal business in social media is to assume that seasonal high months are the only ones you need to plan for and to ignore all of the adjacent opportunities for good interactions and good content.”

I want to update this wheel with the new digital mindset (i.e. adding Black Friday.)  Let me know what you would add.  And watch out this month…you may finally have that urge to organize your office…it’s the season!

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