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Chipolte “Back to the Start” Ad makes me think

Screen shot 2012-02-14 at 8.02.27 AMThe Chipolte “Back to the Start” ad makes me stop and think.  My first reaction was…that was “weebles-like” cute cartoon. And their strategy of ”food with integrity” is definitely working.  It’s catching the consumer’s concern over where their food come from and wanting fresher “fast food.”  In 2011, same store sales were up 11.2%; net income was up 20%.

Yet how do we wrestle with the fact that we can’t feed everyone on this planet using back to the farm methods?  I was acutely aware of this fact on a trip to Ethiopia last year.  ”Sustainably” cultivated food may be another privilege only for the wealthy in the world.  We do need some very efficient processes.  I hope we can find more humane and sustainable processes that can feed us all.

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