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Mobile Mobile Mobile

s1Look at these statistics from Starbucks mobile effort, provided by Mashable!

  • Since launching a mobile app that allows mobile payments this past year, Starbucks has hosted 26 million transactions on  iOS, BlackBerry and Android.  There have been millions of downloads of the app.  One in four Starbucks card transactions is now executed via a Starbucks card and a portion of those are done through mobile.
  • The app’s momentum is building.  There have been 6 million transactions last nine weeks.  The highest level of transactions are in large urban areas.
  • $110 million has been reloaded to customers’ Starbucks cards via mobile compared with $2.4 billion loaded into Starbucks cards overall in 2011.  Mobile is nearly 5% of cards’ revenue in less than a year.  Now that’s a solid new revenue stream.  (Of course, we don’t know how much is incremental.  I’ll keep looking for that stat.)

Consumers as usual love the improved convenience – it’s a faster and easier way to pay.   You can just see the pipeline of new products and services coming from the mobile platform from Starbucks.  What’s possible for your business?

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