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Web 2.0 and Mary Meeker’s Trends

Screen shot 2011-10-19 at 8.16.13 AMMary Meeker* highlights these trends in her annual presentation at Web 2.0 yesterday (review in techcrunch).  Here are my favorite points with my (humble) comments are:

Globality – We Aren’t In Kansas Anymore… 81% of users of the top ten global internet properties are OUSA.  Julie:  I see it everyday with global visitors to the US websites, even my local church website.

Mobile – in the Early Innings Growth,  but the world has not seen tech adoption like smartphones and iPads. Julie: Her graphic above of needs is not that far off.

User Interface – Text/Graphical/Touch/Sound/Move – “Sound is going to be bigger than video.” SoundCloud CEO.  Julie: Add “role of sound” to the creative brief.

Commerce – Fast/Easy/Fun/Savings = More Important Than Ever… “It’s now an expectation that if you see it on your screen, you can click and buy it,” says Meeker.  Julie: Ecommerce everywhere.

Advertising – Lookin’ Good…23% of clicks on ads is a good sign.  Julie: the growth in e-retailing is so much faster than offline.  Some categories just experiencing this phenomenon.

Content Creation – Changed Forever: Meeker refers to Joanne Bradford from DemandMedia doing a better job at talking about content creation.  Julie: note to self, read more of Joanne Bradford.

Mega-Trend of 21st Century = Empowerment of People via Connected Mobile Devices “The ability to get realtime fast and broad information flow is only going to get greater,” says Meeker.  Julie: even more community building is coming.

Authentic Identity – The Good/Bad/Ugly. But Mostly Good? Julie: On the downside, “‘truth’ is one photo/click/send away” (Meeker).  On the positive, just be yourself!

Thank you Mary and techcrunch for sharing your learning.  I’m off to learn more about Joanne Bradford.  Let me know what you think about these trends!


*Mary is a partner at Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

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