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Linkedin hits 100 million users

I could have titled this…what are you doing at lunch?  Updating your Linkedin profile?

Facebook at 500 million, Twitter at 20-25 million and now an update on Linkedin – 100 million users. Here are some fun graphics on their profile and usage times.  Love this article by mashable that shared information and graphics, including a comparison of 100 million business cards to Mount Everest!   Linkedin article in Mashable 3.24.11 This reminds me to update my profile…it’s that important a reach vehicle!  Have a great day…and a great lunch!

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Twitter audience: smaller than reported

emarketer twitter estimatesTwitter reported 175 million accounts as of Sept, 2010, with monthly visitors to between 20 to 26 million per month in 2010.  These numbers are inflated due to duplicate accounts, international users, “Twitter quitters” and the fact that many visitors to are simply reading public tweets and not truly using the service.

emarketer predicts 20.6 million US adults will access a Twitter account at least monthly in 2011, +26.3% vs. last year. Double digit growth will continue through 2013, when nearly 28 million adults will be Twitter users.  Twitter captures about 10% of US female internet users and 7% of US male internet users Twitter was more popular among younger adults. (Pew)

I’ve been quiet on Twitter for the last six months due to the time to stay on top of both Facebook, Twitter and other news sources.  I’ve chosen to stay active on Facebook due to the strong connections I have with friends on Facebook.  Who finds a way to stay active on both social networks?

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