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Online Milestone!

Online advertising vs. Newspaper2010 is a milestone for online advertising.  For the first time ever, online advertising surpassed newspaper advertising (including both online and print editions).  I remember the days when online advertising was so far behind newspapers…early/mid 2000′s.  Now it seems obvious that online would surpass newspapers.  Here are the charts and article from emarketer.  In the article, you can see yearly growth rate since 2005 for each medium.

One note:  Emarketer is a tool I’ve used since 2004.  Great product Geoff Ramsey!

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What you can learn when you compete!

There’s a free site – – that let’s you see the trend of monthly traffic to a website. It’s as easy as entering in a few urls and getting the results.  I use this all this time to show clients:

- what’s possible – what kind of traffic does a site like theirs get?  What could they aim for?

- what is the competition’s traffic?

- What sites would be great partners? Think link juice for SEO or shared content.

3 compete

3 compete

Here’s an example:  One of my clients, Harvard Varsity Club, is a booster organization for Harvard Athletics.  Last year we improved their website ( and they grew membership 20+% and the endowment +80%.  Their site has fewer than 5,000 visitors a month.  A great partner for them would be, the Harvard Athletic site, with over 4X the traffic.  Of course, what about, the main University site that has 2 million visitors a month, or, with 250,000 visitors.   Many potential HVC members visit these sites.  Links between these sites would increase traffic and drive major improvements in search engine results!

A free tool to gain insights on your competition or partners.  Just another idea for your brands!


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