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Another vibrant repositioning!

Good Shepherd LogoOver six weeks in the summer of 2010, I worked with a small team at Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd to update their positioning, logo and web presence. With the blessing of Pastors Samuelson and Rudi, we had amazing collaboration between groups I’ve trusted for years –  Inizio Creative and May Advertising and Design – to create a major turnaround in the church’s image and communications.  The key transformations were:

- Message: After several key workshops, we determined the most important message to communicate: Together…Seeing a new way….Reaching with hope.

- Logo: working with May Advertising, we kept a past element (the shepherd head outline) while updating the logo to communicate the new message.  The result is a logo that reflects the community’s vibrancy and history!

Good Shepherd website 9/10- Website: We worked at rapid speed to change the with the objective of to energizing the community to come and participate. We aimed at two targets: those new to the community, making the website an invitation where they would want to clickthrough to learn more. To current community members, we wanted them to see themselves at the church and use the site as a valuable tool.

More to come: We’re close to capture streaming video, we’re adding SEO (search engine optimization) and adding group and calendaring tools.  Lots more to come to make this the invaluable tool the community needs!

The results: In just three weeks, Good Shepherd has had over 1100 visits and nearly 7000 pageviews. Time on site is over four minutes! And the community members have felt the change:

Julie Burrows is both a fantastic leader and an outstanding teammate.  She adroitly led the complete re-construction of our church’s website in a few short weeks, taking us from way behind the times to fittingly state-of-the-art, as both the leader of a small committee and as main laboring oar.  She marshaled talented team member expertise in content, editing, visuals and design extremely well, so that all participated in celebrating a major team victory.  I was very impressed.”

Paul Grangaard, President & CEO
Allen Edmonds, The Great American Shoe Company

Stay tuned for more breakthroughs to come!

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