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Where do you go to find trends?

robyn-watersThanks to Robyn Waters for these great suggestions  (Women’s Business Minnesota 10/04.)   Robyn monitored trends for Target for years and I met her through Jeff Prouty and the Prouty Project.   I  saved this article for five years because it always gives me inspiration!

Trending Tracking Resources by Robyn Waters

  • Cool Friends…hang out with diverse cool people who aren’t afraid of left turns; who try new things.
  • WGSN (Worth Global Style network) ….an online trend service based in the UK.  Check it out!
  • Books… business, design, spiritual, fiction, coffee table, tomes, best sellers, obscure treasures. (My favorite… I love bookstores and libraries!)
  • Google…  curious about anything?
  • Travel & Adventure…can be your backyard, down the street, or halfway around the world! (My current adventure is the ice rink across the park.)
  • Magazines… subscribe to some, buy more.  Look for magazine outside your field of expertise.
  • WSJ/USA Today… a great combination, but you need BOTH to get perspective.
  • Constant Observation of People… waiting in line, on an airplane, shopping, at the movies, eating out, driving down the road… who’s driving, wearing, eating what and how and when… The Yogi Berra concept:  you can observe a lot just by watching!
  • Julie’s addition:  Check out Robyn’s blog and site for more inspiration!

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Apple vs. Google…ads and apps you feel

Two battlegrounds are emerging with Apple and Google entering each other’s turf.

Mobile Internet: Google launches Nexus to attack Apple’s IPhone

Mobile Advertising: Apple buys Quattro Wireless to attack Google Adwords on mobile

I believe the consumer will be the winner of these battles. When I worked in the local news website world, I realized local news was the News you feel.  These moves by Apple and Google bring us much closer to Ads and Apps you feel. The consumer will start to see apps and ads that are much more relevant for where you are located.  My Iphone lets ME LOOK for what I want wherever I am.  Now I’ll be pushed ads and content where I am.  I’ll push away the spams but let in content that is totally relevant to where I am that I wasn’t even aware of before.  Ads and apps become so much more valuable.  And it’s coming…. to an IPhone or Nexus near you!

See today’s BusinessWeek article: for more analysis on Google vs. Apple.

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Bra Color Phenomenon

Facebook Bra Color

Objective: Drive Top of Mind Awareness of Breast Cancer Research

Goal: Reach millions of women immediately

Strategy: Create a fun way for women to connect with other women on an intimate topic related to breast cancer.  Don’t tell the men.

Plan: Create a social media craze by asking women to update their status with their favorite bra color and share it only with other women.  Sponsor is ______ ?

Anyone who works with me knows I’m fanatical about understanding objectives, goals, strategies and plans before launching into the execution of a plan.  Well, this example clearly met its objective…and who knows if it really did have a plan!  This event actually happened last Friday and DID raise awareness for Breast Cancer Research (#11 on Google trends on the first day).    To read more, see the link to abcnews story.  Here’s to luck and fun over planning …. never thought I’d say that!

And for the record, black.