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Social Media Watching – Twitter suggestions

“Who do you watch on social media?”

I shared my list last week and was shocked when my colleague didn’t watch any of the same people as I did.  That seemed so odd…. yet maybe not.  Twitter is a young medium,  there is no “right” way to use it, no “networks” per se.  Social media is about socializing around passions and our  passions seem diverse and wide ranging.  Do you have any other theories?

So here’s who I watch.  Most are from Twitter, my favorite social medium.

@ Mashable… this site seems to know everything first and I like the lists of lists.

@chrisbrogan… I heard Chris teach a class on social media and LOVED his values (ex. authenticity).  He has just co-authored Trust Agents that I want to read.  Finally his blog and newsletter are awesome for a “hairball orbiter” like me (marketing consultant.)

@ Pioneerwoman – tweets from a farm in OK.  So funny. I like seeing how she weaves her life into 140 characters.  Her photos and analogies crack me up.  I think she could write the first twitter book, if it hasn’t been written already.

@HubspotTV – great resources, great classes, such a great 15 minutes of “internet TV” on Friday afternoons.  I love their “inbound marketing” concept.  Plus @KarenRubin & @MikeVolpe are fun and informative to listen to and read.  Definitely try out their Inbound University!

My Passion Areas:

Golf:  @stewartcink – gotta love the golfer who had 650,000 followers BEFORE he won a major.  @morganpressel let’s me get a glimpse of an LPGA player’s life.  I wish!

Cycling:  @lancearmstrong of course, but check out his family and friends.  He comes across very authentic and again shows us the glimpse of someone who can climb a mountain on a bike very quickly without seemingly much effort!  Please note I am not a cyclist, just an adoring fan.

Tennis:  @andyroddick – he leads a very different life but is gracious to his fellow competitors.

Social Media:  @Twitter_tips – so many useful tips and local here in Minneapolis.  @pistachio – She’s very focused on Twitter and involved in some amazing twitter projects/products. @charpolanosky and @randaclay for design ideas for bloggers.

But truly my favorite posts to watch are friends and kids going through my life with me.  Friends:  My web designer (@iniziocreative), my funny clothier friend @MartyMathis and @HVClub, a client twittering for his job.  Kids:  I love to have my kids’ friends befriend me and then watch what is going on in all their lives.  It’s amazing how they are going through college – staying connected to their high school friends (and sometimes a few moms) on facebook while instantly connecting to new friends in college.  But that’s for another post..

Let me know who you follow and why!!  Julie

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A great resource for research!


Sam Richter has written a great book on web research – Take the Cold out of Cold Calling. The sub-title of the book is how I use the book – Web Search Secrets.  While Sam talks about how to go into sales calls better prepared, I use the same techniques to find great information on the web for the “5 Cs” – Category, Consumer, Competition, Channel and Company.    There are great tips on using search like use Google Advanced Search.   He stresses there is 80% of the web not searched by search engines, yet you can still access it.  He’s put up a totally free site to get to these sources:

If you ever get a chance to hear Sam speak, he’s entertaining and so knowledgeable.  I heard him speak at  TCE (Twin Cities Entrepreneurs) gathering last year.  And my searches are getting better and better.  Thanks Sam for your great resource!

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College Laundry…a nowcasion!

laundryTechnology has helped college laundry, and I’m not talking about hi-efficiency washers! 

My recollections of doing laundry in college was almost guerilla warfare.  When you put your laundry in the washer you either had to be right there when it finished or you’d find your wet laundry piled in a corner.  Same thing happened with the dryer as well.  On the other hand, it was discouraging to bring all your laundry to the laundry room to find all the washers taken.  This did not promote dorm unity to say the least!

The situation has improved dramatically on college campus today, at least at Whitman College.  To use the laundry, you must put your cel number on a whiteboard by the washer you are using.  NO ONE can touch your laundry without calling you!  So much more civil than my era.  Cel phones creating dorm harmony.  Now that’s a Nowcasion!

Are you seeing the same systems at other colleges?  Let me know!

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