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Learn more about Twitter


There are times I just don’t get Twitter… like when I see someone make 10 “tweets” in a minute! (There are many actually.) How does anyone do this? 100 “tweets” from one person each day is crazy. Do you get 14000 characters of prose from your spouse each day???

On the other hand, as a blogger, there are so many great “tweets” on Twitter. I’ve picked up “10 sites with free fonts”, “the best free blog tools”, etc.

Here’s what I’m learning:

1. Decide your objective. This is obvious but needs to be restated.

Do you just want to keep up with what your friends are doing (or thinking) or are you looking to find and listen to industry thought leaders? Decide and then make your tweets meet that objective. My objective on Twitter is to learn about consumer insights and social networking – and use that to help my new product launches.

2. Give something of value. Links. Ideas. Ask a question. You won’t be able to do this until you decide on your objective. I’m still working on this!

3. Add some personal with your professional comments…we are human after all. One friend always adds his sarcastic comments to twitter…that’s just him and it sounds very real.

4. Here’s a good white paper on Twitter: Thanks to Jen Zick for passing on to me!

5. A good podcast on twitter: Thanks to graywolf from Twitter.

Share with me your experiences! We’re all learning.

Thumbs up… Julie

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“Adding one member a second…”


LinkedIn is up to 36 million members! That’s up from the 27 million I reported for a TCE (Twin Cities Entrepreneurs) presentation last fall.

Their growth rate is one new member per second! Plus they have a revenue model that gains from both sides of the job search equation. Now there’s a success. AdAge has a great article with a quote by Josh Bernoff, one of my favorite Forrester researchers.

While I’m thinking of it, hook up with me on LinkedIn here. There’s a good LinkedIn app on iphone too.


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Skittles – the bizarre experiment in twitter abuse


The mom in me just has to comment… Yesterday, if you posted a “tweet” with the word #skittles in it, you made an entry on the Skittles homepage. I did it… it worked… but my entry was mundane… most others were perverse or just bizarre (saying skittles 12 times in your entry).

Turning your page over to die-hard Twitter fans had two outcomes:

  • lots of Skittles talk yesterday by the tech crowd
  • lots of posts you wouldn’t want close to your brand

There are better uses for the twitter tool… like finding out what others are thinking. Does open have to be abusive?

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