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Visual Thesaurus – a new tool!

Mind Map

Take a look at It’s a new tool to me, but seems so helpful! You type in a word and it gives you a mindmap. Here’s an example using the word “Imagination”:

You click on any of the words and start getting expanded synonyms. This was so helpful in a positioning exercise and some other communication pieces!

There is a small subscription fee to fully use the tool. I’m still on a trial basis. I’ll let you know how it goes…but I suspect I’ll be a subscriber!

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+1 million users every 20 days, or 50,000 TODAY!

At Twin City Enterpreneurs‘ monthly session last week, LinkedIn’s Senior Account Executive Craig Butas spoke about this leader in social networks for professionals. Here are a few facts he shared:

  • LinkedIn is gaining 1 MM users every 20 days, or an annual growth of users of 62%.
  • Take note of LinkedIn’s demographics: average age: 41, average income $110k, 85% between ages of 25-54 and college educated, and 60% in the US.
  • LinkedIn is actively connecting with HR departments – Craig talked about passive and active ways they can help job seekers and recruiters.
  • Craig “only” had 185 contacts in his LinkedIn network (he now has 201 as of today) citing a strategy of keeping a highly personalized list of contacts. Begs the question, what’s your LinkedIn connecting strategy?

Through LinkedIn I’ve found many colleagues, seen LinkedIn’s uncanny ability to show me “People You may Know”, and found many “6 degrees” connections. In fact, Craig is a 3rd degree connection to me!

I wrote myself a note to:

  • Add “my” vanity url to my profile- it shows up higher in SEO.
  • Get more recommendations and consider answering LinkedIn’s expert questions… again increasing your presence in search.
  • Update my profile… this is an important tool used in hiring and searching.
  • oh, and ask to join Craig’s network (done!)

If you see this post, please connect with me at LinkedIn! Linkedin profile

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Who wouldn’t want to:

Launch big New Products
Embrace the Internet
Have fun

Many say it can’t be done…

First off, you need a steel gut to launch new products and restages!

Second, as a wise colleague (Rishad Tobaccowala) told me… read 1/3 of what you should on the Internet you’d never get any work done.

Third, who doesn’t need more fun… and connecting is fun to me.

So in this blog look for:

  • AHAs.… web related or new product topics that hit me like a ton of bricks. Like…how I love my iphone…now there’s a new product WOW.
  • Whoas… the occasional “they didn’t teach us that at… fill in the blank.” There are new occasions and when we were learning marketing basics.” I know we’re not that old but we didn’t have the Internet in our early days!
  • Gotta try ‘ems… Useful tools and connections for both the virtual world and physical products.

Building high repeat products and launching them with high ROI tools… you gotta see the fun in that!

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